Anyone with insights on these Iowa Fans


Jan 10, 2005
You seriously spent over 9 hours with trolls? Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to feed them? The ignore button is the better option.I hope that you are getting paid very well and that you have darn good health insurance!


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Nov 29, 2019
I know this will probably just open up a whole can of worms and provide no insight what so ever, but I just have to know.

Honestly, what is the deal with these Iowa fans? I've been a Husker fan for 40+ years and have been on this site for almost 20 years and have never seen anything like this. I've been to games all over the country and the only group of fans I can even remotely compare to Iowa fans are Colorado fans. Even then, you understood they were just bitter from a life time of ass kickings. So why are Iowa fans so completely classless and obsessed with Nebraska? Even in the middle of their own giant scandal, they run their mouths and stalk us 24/7. They are insufferable. Their level of obsession and the depths to which they seem willing to sink are shocking to me. And why? Where does this come from? What am I missing here? Why the complete obsession? At first, I thought it was just a B1G thing, but we don't see anything remotely like this from other B1G fan bases. Every team in America has some bad apples, but NOTHING like this. Why are they they the way they are?

Maybe some other fan bases can shed some light on this.
They do this because they know they’ll get a rise out of us more so than any other fan base they could troll. It seems to work very well
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