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Oct 19, 2004
Would constitute a successful coaching hire for the University of Nebraska? We have all seen the discussions on this board and everywhere else about who to hire, who could you hire, who would take the job. I know a lot will depend on how this season finishes out, but for me personally a successful hire would:

1) By the end of year two there should be a significant increase in the season win total. The first year for new coaches can be and usually is worse than the previous season's record.
2) From what I have seen from this division in the Big 10 (we will see how things change when USC and UCLA get in) Nebraska should be in contention to win the division going in to the final two weeks of the season every year, an winning it at least 1 or 2 times every 4 years.
3) A tenure of at least 9+ years. That would show stability and continuity and it someone is here that long, they are winning at a pretty decent clip
4) A significant increase in the number of all conference players. The player development during the Frost tenure has been terrible. Get some more guys on the 1st and 2nd team all conference teams, especially on either of the lines.

There are some other things for me as well, but those are harder to quantify, things like personality, community engagement, media relations and other things you don't really know until you see them.
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Jun 23, 2010
like dr tom did it. it took him 20 years to get a NC..
keep consistant, won the games he should...
but I understand things have changed, so instead of 9 games wins min the standard.
and top ten finish..

I'd say 8 games min wins a season and top 20 finish.
maybe a free philly chesse steak ncaa violation, and no increase in the lincoln pd workload

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Jan 15, 2007
If NU can start pulling consistent Top 20 recruiting classes we have a chance to get back to winning 6-8 games a year, maybe even 9 wins occasionally. USC & UCLA are going to make it harder, but playing games there will interest more west coast recruits, so it may be a push.

An HC that draws recruits because of his time coaching in the NFL, who's been at least a top notch coordinator if not past HC. His NFL record isn't that meaningful to me if he can recruit like I said and hires great coordinators or really has a head for X's & O's that college kids thrive in. Unlike the complicated mess Callahan brought.

There are a few special HC's in college like Lance Leipold who might be able to do the same with classes in the top 25 and have proven record of turning program around. JMO
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Nov 28, 2016
I agree with what many have already said. I’ll add make sure the team shows up during a big game (especially on Prime Time TV).

This happened far too often under Solich and Pelini who both won a lot of games. The blowouts showed we didn’t even belong on the same field as our opponents and that is really what doomed both of them.
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