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big red22

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Dec 15, 2003
If Slusher flips, NU nets 30 more pts, and the Ducks lose a net of 60 (if my math is right). For those keeping score at home, that is a 90 pt swing. NU nudges ahead of ND (for the time being) plus UNC and jumps Oregon. I would think NU's ceiling on Rivals is about 16.
We only net 30 points with slusher? That doesn't make sense to me? I think it would be more than that. He has got to be more 30 points higher than our 21 rated recruit


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Sep 28, 2010
Secondary for me. Two classes in a row to go with deontai, bootle, and dismuke.

Last year was a huge O-line class (alone with DE and DB). We added to that o-line class nicely and pulled in a hell of a WR, LB and DB class this year.

O-line will be super fun to watch going forward, but it may be another year before they get a real chance to be developed. But the DBs and the WRs are going to be really interesting to watch this season. The coaches brought in a haul at both positions.


Feb 4, 2016
Pheldarius Payne? He told a reporter he signed his LOI, but the official Huskers account hasn't announced it.

Yeah. 247 Sports doesn't have him listed yet either, but I figure thats just because this is an extremely busy day for them.


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Nov 29, 2010
I see Texas once again got a top 10 class. So per the normal the national media and experts will be all over them. They will be a top 15 ranked team preseason. Be one of the favs for the Big12 title and they will go something like 7-5. They have to be one of the most over hyped teams year after year.

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