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And for the most part, I agree with you. And I am not saying Frost will or should not go after the higher recruited/ranked kids. I am saying he'll likely be doing a good mix. And for the most part, I agree playing the percentages are less risky. But the percentages state it's more difficult to get highly rated kids to come to Lincoln (or at least at this time). So, as a coach, you can't cry about it. You take TO's approach. The same approach that Barry Alvarez installed in Wisconsin. Hell the Badgers are in the playoff this year IF they had a QB worth a flip and that's with no top 25 recruiting classes. Michigan State did it 2015.

I think the difference between Nebraska vs Sparty and Wisky is that we can land highly recruited guys to go along with the developments. We will never be tOSU or USC. Our recruiting is never going to look like that. We will occasionally have that year or so that we have an amazing class. (I think I can count 4 of them in my lifetime) But for the most part, we are a 20 to 25 recruiting class type of program. There are always going to be studs but there will be guys that have some recruiting experts scratching their heads. And this was how it was under TO. Most Husker fans just didn't realize it. I love reading my pops old Max Prep magazines and the things they'd say about TO's classes are classic. It'd read "we love X, Y, Z recruits but really not sure what to think about A, B, or C... Tom's an expert so we will take his word for it"...

And to some people that may know me on this board, they probably think I am being super hypocritical right now. This was not my tone with Riley. IMO Riley needed nothing but 4 & 5 stars to succeed here. He's not a motivator. He's not a coach you work your ass of for in the Gym. He's a guy you like and maybe he can out scheme a coach or two but at the end of the day, he needed the talent to win games. His coaching was never going to win us games. Scott's coaching, I think can win us games vs teams with maybe a little more talent then us.
There is no reason Nebraska can't be in the Top 10 on recruiting. None. Check out the linked article and note the part where they say "Since 1996." Nebraska is in there. That means that 97 Nebraska team had multiple Top 10 classes in it. It has been done in Lincoln before.

If Riley proved one thing, it's that NU absolutely CAN recruit with the big boys. They were on the short list for blue chip guys, they were getting them to official to NU. The part where they fell short was they weren't winning games to make kids believe they weren't signing up for 4 years of .500 football.

MSU and UW have generally outperformed their recruiting rankings. That's nice, but it's not the formula. Fact is that UW didn't make the playoff because they couldn't beat a team in OSU that inks Top 5 classes every year. When MSU made the playoff, Bama made them look like a directional school. Another team that inks Top 5 classes every year.

Once in a while you get a school like UW, Boise, etc. that goes on a run with so-so talent. They are the outlier. For every one of them, there are 40 more teams with mediocre classes and mediocre results.

The elite teams have elite recruiting. Nebraska can and Nebraska must get 4 and 5 star guys. The lower portion of the class can include some nearby kids with nice potential who can develop into contributors or even starters in years 4 and 5. The top of the class has to be elite talent if the number of national titles is ever going to be 6 or greater.


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Riley and Callahan proved you can recruit here. We just haven't had a coach since TO prove that you can recruit and coach here at the same time. Hopefully Frost shows you can do both.

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