Got my vaccination today....

Tuco Salamanca

Head Coach
Aug 18, 2016
I am a true oddball...I get to the building between 5-5:30 before the day is compromised by interactions with humans...I get my Bible read, my emails for the day sent, any touch ups to my lessons of the day completed...and sometimes I take a nap...

I'll admit something here because I know exactly ONE of you(who hardly posts).....I love my job and my situation so much that I struggle to want to leave it...I'm paid well enough, plus my tennis lessons are a great side hustle(as my wife has taken to calling it...) and i frankly like feeling needed....I'm apprehensive about losing that...I've seen people leave too early and they die...literally.

So there you have it...true confessions....:)

That is a big reason why I stay in it too. My side hustle is doing grocery deliveries.