Why Mickey WILL Be Head Coach


Aug 31, 2014
The expected response would be to hit reset and cashier all of the staff. And that may indeed happen, depending on the performance of the team. But the fan base is tiring of all of the drama and of course the losing. Since Frost and Chinander's departure, the team has at least played closer to their potential. And maybe NU wins that game if Reimer and Heinrich are on the field instead of gimped up or in street clothes on the sideline.
At this point, unless Alberts thinks he has a stone cold lock as a hire, choosing Joseph over (insert Campbell/Aranda/PJ etc.) is not associated with an appreciable level of increased risk of losing, certainly not in the short term. Both Joseph and Busch are known as ace recruiters and have also proven that they can adjust approaches during the game. They also know the roster deficiencies better than someone who is currently coaching elsewhere.
Unless the recruiting service rankings are hot garbage, NU has recruited well enough over the past few years to be a top 25 program and in the hunt to make a CCG. Given the data available, it is pretty clear to me that player development has to be the weak link. S and C, practice habits, and talking about accountability but not applying it all are contributors.

Excellent post sir that makes downright good sense.