Big Ten football players making a difference (off the field) during the holidays

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    While this is not about NU players if just one person here donates it will be worth any ridicule I might take for posting this:

    A couple years ago Chad Carr, the grandson of former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, died of brain cancer at the age of 5. A few days ago, All Big Ten DE Chase Winovich, who has long blond hair, went on social media and pledged to dye his hair orange (the color of the logo for Chadtough - a charity started in Chad's name for brain cancer research) if people would donate $15,000 (total, not each) to Chadtough. The significance of the 15 is that is his football number. The $15K was met on day one and since other players have jumped in to do the same when a goal that matched their # was met. Next up is a coach - DC Don Brown has a bushy white stash he pledges to dye for the bowl game at the next milestone.

    So if this is an issue your care about...or you just want to see Michigan players/coaches look foolish during the bowl game...hit the link below
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    There is no shame in giving well wishes and supporting other human beings.
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