1. Okiefusker

    OT - Sports Talk Radio Stations

    I use Alexa for sports talk radio, e.g., WWLS...
  2. RedCap

    Will the Power 5 Breakaway from the NCAA?

    Linked CBS article discusses why the Power 5 may opt out of the NCAA. Pandemic has just made pressure to do so, greater. As an aside the MAC Conference alone has lost $17 million in guaranteed games with B1G teams when the B1G cancelled non-conference football games this season. So the financial...
  3. youngben21

    Reasons for cautious optimism

    Reasons for cautious optimism: - Coach Lubick...
  4. HuskerDocCO

    ot-time change

    farmers, im all bent out of shape w the time...
  5. HuskerGarrett

    Welcome to DONU Matt!!

    Time for all of the other teams in the Big Ten...
  6. 9

    Seeing Advertising when you are a paid member

    Maybe this has been talked about before. I don't get on here very often anymore, but noticed today while watching a highlight video, ads kept popping in. I don't remember this happening before. Kind of distracting when you want to watch it. I understand putting ads in so this site can...
  7. P

    Weekly Power Rankings
  8. LandoPower

    Pac 12 Game thread. (Medium)

    Oregon moving the ball. But will they get a TD?
  9. kaz36

    ESPN report: LeGrone and Hunt face 2.5 year suspension from UNL for sexual misconduct