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Dec 4, 2013
Iowa City
The thing he has heard from people very close to the program is that they continue to be very, very disorganized as a staff. I know that's vague, but I think after watching what they put on the field for three seasons the word "disorganized" fits very well. Depth and talent doesn't mean much to me because lack of basic execution is why we've been sub .500 for years. We're not going "mano y mano" and losing close games after a hard fight. We're doing the same stupid crap game after game and losing to very average teams.
Mano a mano = hand to hand. Mano y mano = hand and hand. No need to thank me, but if you do, de nada.


Nebraska Legend
Feb 2, 2005
ahh .. to never have had a losing season overall or a losing season in conference and a bowl game in year 1 at a place like Michigan state after taking over a program that hadn't posted a winning record in 4 years

now 4 years in and Frost fans can only dream of a sh## show so sweet an alleged blue blood no less having taken over just one year removed from a 9 win season

“Alleged Blue Blood”. Can’t even hide the trolling anymore.

red scowl

May 19, 2018
FWIW, the scuttle butt from an insider I know well in Lincoln says that they've got a good team this year. Not suprisingly it will be all Frost recruits. It's why Moos has been openly saying 8 wins is a realistic goal this year when in the past all he would venture was getting to a bowl game would be success.
lol, psst,psst... Is it the same one from last year? I call bullshit. Show me your cards.

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