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Aug 8, 2014
with all the night school options today for adults wanting to continue their education, an MBA has never meant less.

if you have $6k, you're in.

I'm sure it's different in other fields, but in business, it's meaningless and the only people who are impressed or care about advanced degrees are dinosaurs on their way out within the decade.

agree ... but as you said depends on the degree and chosen profession
if you are undecided for part of college and get below average grades - your career paths become fewer

the better the grades the more options exist - students with average or below average grades get funneled to professions/careers that do not require very good/elite grades to advance

I also tell people to "win the ties" -- there may be a large number of candidates for a particular job - an MBA may be a tie breaker - an MBA from a more prestigious program may be a further tie breaker - likely doesn't mean they will perform better but might get you in the door
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Jul 4, 2013
most bosses wouldn't have any idea - however in many fields good (and sometimes elite) grades are required to advance along the path toward some professions

many jobs require post grad work - you simply are not going to get the opportunity to do grad work (get into grad school - phD programs - professional school) without very good grades

likewise many jobs right out of college require letters of rec - those with better grades I would think tend to have better recommendations

many selective engineering programs require elite grades in high school to even enroll in the program -
nursing school is extremely competitive and gpa (fair or not) is a common litmus test for narrowing the selection process

maybe a student with a 2.5 gpa would make just as good a physician as someone with a 3.8 gpa - but you will never know because few if any with a 2.5 gpa will ever get the chance

lastly many college students enter college without knowing the specific career path they want to follow - those that finish their first year with low grades greatly reduce their future options of career choices
I write letters of rec all the time, for kids applying to college. I have one letter saved and I just change the name :)
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