Nebraska should go back to the Big 12


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Feb 14, 2006
KU will be a big target for the B1G in the next few years. Altho football is driving this change, they have an incredible BB brand (and the BIG likes that) and the KC market is big & worth fighting to enter. But they can't just take one school, they gotta take 2 more if it's going to happen (it could be Texas...makes sense giving them more new demographics. Especially if OU & OSU are tied together. Albeit Texass is going to have to concede a few concessions, Horn network, homer ref's, etc in joining...). I think the B1G are done looking east w/ Maryland & Rutgers recently added. Don't see anyone in the SEC (unless it's Vandy...which is a great academic school), ACC, or PAC 12 jumpin ship..

I really, really, really don't want to be in a conf w Texas again but I don't think I'll have much say in it if it happens we all know that this is about $$$$ not sense..



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Mar 20, 2002
I think the following candidates would drive another expansion:

Notre Dame
Virginia/UNC combo

The only way I see Kansas getting an invite is if Texas were to join and wanted a Big 12 partner to come with them. None of the other Texas or Oklahoma schools would get approved and Kansas wouldn't drive expansion by themselves but they could get in with Texas. I don't see that scenario as very likely at all because I don't know what would drive Texas to the Big Ten but it's about the only way I could ever see Kansas getting an invite. I guess if for some reason ND changed their mind and wanted to go to the Big Ten then Kansas could become an option in that scenario as well but I think ND joining the Big Ten is even less likely than Texas. Too much pride would have to be swallowed for that to happen and even if they did then a school like UCONN might also be considered if they obtain AAU status like they are planning for.