"Let's bring Nebraska back." - Bill Snyder

Charlie Marlow

Assistant Head Coach
Sep 23, 2005
In Your Head
Yeah, NU and Arkansas are not going back to Big 12 to be with Texas again. Stupid to even think that's a possibility. KU is not tied to K St. OU-OSU might be a little tricker, but OU gets free if push comes to shove.

Texas enjoys having their own conference that they run as they see fit. So the Big 12 will live on. Even if OU and KU split, then they would just get some other not as good schools to join up. Doesn't hurt Texas any. Big 12 prioritizes Texas with the idea that what is good for them will trickle down to the other schools. That is literally their approach. No other power conference does this. Texas will never allow a Big 12 where all parties are equal.

Another thing to think about. One thing I thought was an impediment to Big 12 expansion is that it would divide the pie up further, resulting in a net loss per school unless countered with a big influx of new money from the new schools. No available schools really fit that. BUT, according to Boren, that isn't a problem. The contract apparently says that the per team payout stays the same if they add two more teams. So adding a Cincinnati and a Memphis wouldn't hurt them financially like you might think (if Boren is correct.) It would give the conference more stability however.