How bad was this team under Frost?


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Jun 23, 2010
I still think Osborne would have won 2 titles with Crouch and would have recruited well enough afterwards for a chance at 1 or 2 more. That's if he coached until the age Saban is. Saban won 4 of his titles after the age of 60 which is when Osborne retired.
oh I agree...dr tom was only 1 dimensional in one game that I can remember, turminator handing off to lp...and we won that. and to be fair to solich, he was a rb coach thrust into running a whole show....which I don't think he was ready, but did become a good hc in his own right when allowed to run his own thing at ohio.

this is why I want a p5 head coach with's not 1971 anymore...a whole lot more technical theses days
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Aug 31, 2014
I don't think alot of folks understand it took dr. tom 20 years, with full attention on developing staff and players to win the nc's he did....the first thing that should have been done when solich took over is have dan and bucks hands x-rayed to see why they fumbled so much...cause right after they started fumbeling solich just ran crouch left crouch right, to make us one dimentional..(did the same with lord)...solich leaveing the rb position caused huge problems..went from the lp/green work horses, to the dan and buck fumbeling show.

and they should of had someone learn from milt (and dan young) in his final years
I suppose the same could be said for mcbride and darlinton..

it's a problem when you win 3 out of 4 nc's...cause the only place to go from there is down.....
I think if Nebraska is to get back to playing decent football, it will take a coach who understands the run game, with some passing...I know there's dream'in folks who think urban is gonna fly in with manning...but here in the real world it's not that easy at all.

I prescribe aranda or rhule as hc...mickey as oc...and houstons dc...bush special teams
what part of recruiting the south do any of the guys above listed not understand?????????(hello)?????????????

then a serious look on the lines, what makes a oline? do they run block or pass black..and how much focus on each?
what makes a dline? do the practice tackleing? or is that just from game time experince?
question like these, need to be addressed and answered in a coherent way moving forward...

can we develope linemen from around Nebraska to block and tackle like we used to? or do we have to out recruit the bama's and ohio states for them???and if so where is that nil money coming from?

again questions that need answers. not hip hip huraha's or golf simulators..

Well stated sir. Fully agree that a good running game is incredibly important. "Somehow" we've got to get that.
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Sep 4, 2004
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Cue @Bigtimebooster, the really important high level booster who is either a fraud or a weazly traitor who cannot be trusted with anything confidential.
Or he doesn't know anything, but reads message boards and reposts other people's opinions. I mean, I think there's a good chance that MJ could get the job. That doesn't mean I'm an insider.


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Feb 25, 2011
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I still think Osborne would have won 2 titles with Crouch and would have recruited well enough afterwards for a chance at 1 or 2 more. That's if he coached until the age Saban is. Saban won 4 of his titles after the age of 60 which is when Osborne retired.
100%. For sure he wins in '99 and probably even 2000.
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Feb 4, 2002
Despite the loss to Illinois, there is a marked improvement in many areas. A bad team yes, but not as bad.

This team lost to a NW team that is almost certain to go 1-11. Their last four games are against OSU, Minn, Purdue, and Illinois. The best shot is against Minn but it's a long shot.

Considering Frost's first 3 games, and really four since Oklahoma was with his DC and too soon for MJ to have any effect, the team that started the season could well have been 131 out of 131 in FBS. NW is currently ranked 122 on this poll (

There can really be no doubt that Frost is the worst coach in Nebraska history. But how is it possible that going into this season we actually achieved this incredible low?


Mar 28, 2019
I heard it before, but it also made me think! If Frost had recruited a really good running back or 2, he might have been around! A running back that broke tackles hehind the line of scrimmage! Could have gotten a few more victories! Perish the thought! Lazy recruiting!
He didn't need more backs. He needed one lineman to block somebody.


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Sep 22, 2007
Saturday's loss is on the coaches (or Whipple for not considering Smothers until was too late). But the roster is suffering from holes and several seasons of poor development. It's as if the other B1G teams put together rosters so that they can compete with the rest of the conference and NU just does not. Riley has more competitive offensive and defensive lines than Frost. The year he won 9, that line was put together using baling wire and duct tape and still was able to do enough for TA to be successful.
More competent coaches could get more out of this team. The staff as it's now constituted has them playing hard. But at the end of the day, the Oline can't keep the QB clean and can't support a running game such that the sticks are consistently moved. The defensive line could not stop the run when it really counted.
It's time to quit dreaming and time to get coaches that will field a competent product. Bielema isn't doing anything fancy. Sound play. Run focused offense (the B1G is a clock eating league). An athletic defense that will hit.
Trust is a major factor. The early part of this season made hindsight very clear - Frost was not going to field a winner and should have been released after the Iowa game last season. And yet loyalty to a man trump the need for basic competence.

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