02 June 2019 Game 56 NCAA Regional: (3) Nebraseball vs (2) UConn - UConn wins 16-1 (Season Over)


Jan 5, 2010
Wish I could be as positive as many of you ... I simply can’t. While you may brand me a terrible fan, and to be honest that may fit, but I can’t take this staff any longer. Loooooooong time season ticket holder, suffered thru the Mike Anderson Year’s, but I can no longer support the predictable performance this team continues to generate from the baseball minds of this staff. Too many miserable drives back to Omaha lamenting the nonsense decisions this staff repeatedly makes. I feel for the players the most as they deserve better. Turning in my season tickets until a change is made ... just not enough juice in the squeeze anymore. I’m sure that will matter zilch to the AD who is in mad love with DE. Very much appreciate the thoughts and perspective the guys on this site provide ... thanks for all the energy you put into this program. My perspective is a change is clearly and certainly in order, but that does not appear on the horizon .... waving the white flag on this one. Only vote I have.
I gave mine tickets up after last season and honestly it was the best thing for me. I was putting too much emotional weight into Husker Baseball and figured getting away from them financially would help and it has. I can watch the game from a more casual fan perspective.

I found it interesting listening to Coach Martin speak in an interview the other day. Keep in mind he has 40 years on the job at FSU. He said and I’m paraphrasing, “we coach’s have to remember that if a player isn’t getting better, or a team isn’t getting better, or a program isn’t getting better than its on us as coaches, it’s our fault.”

I don’t say this because I don’t believe Erstad isn’t trying but I did find it interesting how his approach is about improvement being the main gauge and not so much about, “well, that’s baseball” we tend to hear so much from Erstad.

With that said I feel we finished better than we probably could of. The players played above the skill and development they were provided in my opinion. My only hope is this Freshman class develops and next years is for real. If that happens then who knows, maybe he does turn the corner? Trust me, I’m not getting my hopes up but it really is the only hope we do have because he is here for the long haul regardless.
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