NBA fans, coming to PBA, Bulls and Mavericks


Redshirt Freshman
Oct 7, 2001
Last time I caught a NBA game was the 95 Bulls/Clippers exhibition game at Devaney. Bulls lost to the Clippers that night. Bulls went 72-10 that season with the addition of Rodman.

We jumped in our car after the game and drove to Boulder for the game the next day. Arrived at the Harvest House about 7am gameday in time for the bar to open. CU had 20+ different beers on tap at Folsom at that time. Couldn't buy a beer the entire game because the Buffs fans around us picked them up for us everytime. Still fondly remember the look on the fans around us when Ahman scored a TD on the first NU play of the game. My friend informed the crowd AG was going to score on our first play of the game just like we had in 89 and 93. Sure enough he did.


Walk On
May 29, 2001
Another good thing Perlman accomplished was the PBA. Dont see it getting built without his backing.