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Oct 18, 2021
Freeze would kill it here. The dude wins. Regardless of those looking down their nose at him, he is going to be successful.

I highly highly doubt he's cheating at Liberty. And regardless if he got talent because of a few bucks, he still had to develop that talent, to coax the passion out of them to perform. It's not like he was paying Suh level players, and they still beat Alabama and Nick Saban..twice!

Sleeping on Freeze will be the biggest joke of Husker Nation in my opinion. Beyond Petersen, beyond Mack Brown, beyond Meyer. We know Freezes quality and he's at a place Nebraska can steal him from.

Freeze wants a name outside of the tabloids and he has the chops to get it done. Some University is going to wake the F up, not be condescending douche bags and hire him.

Auburn might be the ones to do it. Nebraska letting the one realistic coach they can get who would have them in the CCG in two seasons get away
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Jan 14, 2011
I want any of these guys to lead the program. Babers had done great things in Upstate NY. Deon would be massively fun. Naysayers hate the idea because of their 190,000 reasons, but when was the last time Husker Football was actually fun? Mickey would do a great job and already has, with the only good players on the team being kids he brought here. Norvell is the "proven head coach" that some people need. Anyone who can say all four of these guys would be bad hires are the same people who would trash a whole list of 10-15 more realistic candidates, and probably not be completely happy with any hire.
We’re not bringing Norvell back. Guarantee that.
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