Big Ten Scores and Standings (2/26)

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    February 26
    Minnesota 4, South Dakota State 2

    Maryland (6-1)
    Purdue (6-1)
    Penn State (5-2)
    Indiana (4-2)
    Michigan State (5-3)
    Michigan (4-3)
    Rutgers (4-3)
    Minnesota (4-4)
    Illinois (3-3)
    Iowa (3-3)
    Northwestern (3-3)
    Ohio State (2-4)
    Nebraska (1-5)

    Games for Friday, February 28
    Iowa vs. #13 North Carolina State (at Minneapolis)
    Michigan State vs. Kansas (at Greenville, SC)
    Rutgers vs. Washington State (at Phoenix)
    Penn State vs. Princeton (at Cary, NC)
    Purdue vs. #14 Duke (at Minneapolis)
    Maryland at Coastal Carolina
    Indiana vs. #21 East Carolina (at Greenville, NC)
    Ohio State at Lipscomb
    Northwestern at South Florida
    Illinois vs. #18 Texas A&M (at Frisco, TX)
    North Carolina at Minnesota
    Nebraska at #12 Arizona State (7:30 p.m. -
    #16 Michigan at Cal Poly
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    Looks like Minnesota is hosting the B1G/ACC Challenge...
    Gophers, Boilermakers, and Hawkeyes going up against,
    Duke, North Carolina, and NC State this weekend.

    Illinois is playing at the Frisco Classic this weekend.

    Maryland at Coastal Carolina is a good match up.
    Can Northwestern keep the momentum going at South Florida?
    Michigan St gets to prove themselves a little more at Kansas.
    Indiana at East Carolina is very interesting.

    Let's Go HUSKERS!!!
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