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Dec 16, 2007
Lincoln, Nebraska

7th season of B1G play

Nebraska has 7 Conference Regular Season Titles all time
1929, 1948, 1950, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2017

Huskers went 6-7 against Left Handed Starters in 2017

Ethan Frazier made 7 appearances
with 4 Starts while going 2-0 last season

Huskers went 7-0-1 in game 3 of all B1G series last season

7 Runs Scored in a game is a Husker Record
tied between Ken Harvey and Jim Bailey
during the same game 3/16/99

Angelo Altavilla is Nebraska's current no.7
Other Huskers to wear the #7 include Elijah Dilday,
Will Bolt, Tyler Rank, Andrew Sawyers, David Gappa,
Bruce Wobken, Harold Bright, Val Primante, Turner Gill...

Luke Roskam hit 7 Doubles his freshman year

Ryan Boldt stole 7 bases during his freshman year in 2014

16-7-1 won Nebraska it's first B1G Trophy
Let's do it again!

7 days. 1 week.
2018 will begin.


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Dec 16, 2007
Lincoln, Nebraska

Huskers have 6 First Round MLB Draft Picks all time
Steve Stanicek 1982, Bill McGuire 1985, Darin Erstad 1995,
Alvie Shephard 1995, Alex Gordon 2005, Joba Chamberlain 2006

Nebraska played baseball
in the Missouri Valley Conference
for 6 years between 1919-1926

6 Triples in one game is Nebraska Record
set back in March of 1985

In 2017
- the Huskers were 6-15 when the opponent scored first
- 12 and 6 in the month March
- 12 and 6 with 1 tie in the month of April

Mike Addante is the most current player to wear the #6.
He follows the likes of Jake Schleppenbach, Colton Bickerstaff,
Brett Sowers, Kyle Bubak, Nick Jaros, Josh Birmingham,
Robby Butler, Jason Allen, Greg Schafer, Kurt Eubanks....

Jamie Rodrigue holds the Nebraska Record
for most career shutouts with 6

Nebraska has lost 6 Home games
each of the last three seasons

Nebraska is 6th in national attendance the last 2 years
- 5,423 fans a game in 2016
- 5,395 fans a game in 2017

8,656 is the 6th largest crowd at Hawk's Field
vs Texas 4/8/05

So with those 6 days until first pitch
remember you got the support of Husker Nation with You!
Go Big Red!


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Dec 16, 2007
Lincoln, Nebraska

March 5, 2002
Nebraska Baseball's first game at Hawk's Field

Huskers went 5-3 in Game 2s of all their B1G series in 2017

Joe Acker is our current Husker to wear the number 5.
Other Nebraska players to have the 5 sewn on to their jerseys
Steven Reveles, Quentin Urban, Adam Moore, Jake Mulinax,
John Hesse, Brian Hunt, Bryan Schmidt, Sam Larsen,
David Gappa, Jim Short, Kevin French, Ron Crowe,
Larry Mims, Nick Richards, Bob Gebler....

Nebraska went 5-2 on Tuesdays during the 2017 season

5 Stolen Bases is a B1G record during a single conference game

Huskers are 5-2 all time @ Michigan St

3 Huskers hit 5 Triples in 1989
Doug Twitty, Ken Ramos, Ken Sirak

Blake Headley hit 5 Triples for Nebraska in 2015

Nebraska is 5-3 all time against the Utah Utes

Cal Poly has had a rough time in Lincoln going 0-5 all time

The Huskers series with Maryland last year...
is the 5th highest attended conference series at Hawks Field
- 19,705 fans
which is also the highest attended B1G series ever at Hawks Field

Nebraska is 2-5 all time against Maryland



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Mar 1, 2006
Nebraska is 2-5 all time against Maryland
Ugh. That's 2-1 last year and 0-3 in in 2015. We were ranked at the time and riding high after sweeping Texas at home (including a 1-0 win in a 15-inning game), and then thud. Never truly recovered from getting swept by Maryland that year and finished 8th in the league.
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Dec 16, 2007
Lincoln, Nebraska

4 Conference Tournament Titles all time for Nebraska
- Big XII 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005

Jake Hohensee was 4-1 in B1G play in 2017.

4 Double Plays in a single game is a Husker Record
achieved three times, last in March of 2012

Nebraska was 3-4 against ranked teams in 2017

Last season the Huskers were 14 and 4 when
hitting a Home Run during a game.

Luke Roskam hit 4 Home Runs for Nebraska in 2017

A player that hits 4 Home Runs in a single game
ties a B1G record shared by 3 players

33-4 is Nebraska's best Home record
for a single season at Hawks Field

Andrew Abrahamowicz is the new #4 for the Huskers.
Others players who got to wear the no. 4 for Nebraska include
Michael Pritchard, DJ Belafonte, Jesse Shriner
Alex Gordan, Chad Steele, John Cole, Kevin Harrington,
Darren Abrams, Chris Chavez, Darnell Clarke, Tim Burke
and the father/son combo of Paul and Jake Meyers

Nebraska is 1-4 all time vs Oregon St
it can be done.

A player that hits 4 Doubles in a single game
would tie a B1G record shared with 2 others

Indiana is 2-4 all time at Hawks Field
The Hoosiers are 4-6-1 against the Huskers in Bloomington

The Buckeyes are 2-4 against the Huskers in Columbus

Nebraska is 2-4 all time @ Illinois

Nebraska went 4-4 in Game 1
in all of their 2017 B1G series

Huskers were 4-0 on Wednesdays last season

NCAA Regionals are set for June 1 thru June 4

Huskers lost to Holy Cross 4-7 to end 2017


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Dec 16, 2007
Lincoln, Nebraska

3 College World Series appearances
2001, 2002 and 2005

In 1898 Nebraska met Kansas St
on the baseball diamond for the first time.
Huskers won 33-3

Nebraska is 2-3 against UC Riverside on Neutral Sites

3 Huskers have hit 3 Home Runs in a single game
Dan Johnson did it twice! Last time 3/6/01

Alex Henwood is the current Nebraska player to wear the #3.
Other Huskers players to wear the no.3 include Matt Leuty,
Kash Kalkowski, Jake Opitz, Jed Morris, Adam Shabala,
Seth Williams, Cody Winget, Scott Hooper, Harold Bright...

Nebraska is 5-3 against the Utah Utes on Neutral Sites

Hitting 3 Doubles in a single game is a Nebraska record.
Many Huskers are tied for this record.
Last done by Angelo Altavilla vs Ùtah (2/24/17)

Huskers are 7-3 all time vs Iowa at Hawks Field

3 more days until Friday (game day)

Go Big Red
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Dec 16, 2007
Lincoln, Nebraska

2 Perfect Games thrown in Nebraska baseball history
Richard Geier 1954, Cliff Faust 1980

Huskers are 2-2 all time on Neutral Sites
against the Washington St Cougars

Out of the 137 total games played
between Nebraska and Creighton
only 2 games have ended in ties.

Jaxon Hallmark is the current #2 on Nebraska's roster.
Other no.2 include Derek Burkamper, Chad Christensen,
Jake Mort, Joe Simokatis, Clifton Durham, David Barnes,
Mike Mims, Greg Stanek, Curtis Heflin, Darnell Clarke,
Jeff Carter, Stan Haas...

Former Nebraska Baseball head coach Dave Van Horn
would wear the number 2 when on the field.

Nebraska has had two,
2-time All Americans
Shane Komine 2000, 2001
Alex Gordon 2004, 2005

Ryan Boldt was picked out of Nebraska
in the 2nd round of the 2016 MLB Draft.

Nebraska has had 2 appearances
in the B1G Title game, going 0-2

2 more days until the 2018 Huskers take the field.


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Dec 16, 2007
Lincoln, Nebraska

One day until first pitch.

The number 1 is currently worn by Zac Repinski.
Other Huskers to wear the number one include,
Jeff Chestnut, Ty Kildow, Boomer Collins,
Jeff Leise, Tevis Arnold, Jamal Strong,
Scott Wulfing, Brian McArn...

Instead of me listing every record holder in Husker history,
How about you go make or break your own records.
2018 is what you make of it, it isn't going to give you anything.
Time to seize the opportunity and create the next chapter.
You have all the support of the 3 'Fs'...
friends, family, and fans (aka Husker Nation).
The time is here. We know you're ready.
Let's do something with it.
Go Big Red

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