***2022 Season Preview***


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Nov 4, 2021
This ^^^

I said it back when that the run blocking looked much improved in the spring game. That's even with assumed starters out due to injury. Pass pro still needs work... But to start the season, if we can just have a solid, competent run game - we improve our chances too win greatly. That'd allow us time to improve pass pro and chemistry in general for the passing game.
well said

I'm glad we open against a cupcake so we can work out some kinks and build momentum before our first real test vs OU


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Aug 6, 2009
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I think the OP is drinking way too much koolaid. I will need to see significant improvement from the offensive line before I start predicting a nine or ten win regular season. I will also need to see improvement in special teams. I will also need to see improvement in turnovers and penalties at critical times. In short, I need to see results on the field before making such bold predictions based on some new coaches and transfer portal players. ANY time there are new coaches in play people get all excited about how much better these guys are at recruiting and teaching technique and so on. Remember how much bullshit was pumped out on this very board about how great Mike Riley's new guys were at recruiting and coaching? Calabraska and all that crap? None of these new coaches have proven diddly so far and ditto for the new players.

Chemistry is a huge deal in college football. Osborne's greatest teams had it. Guys have to have the grey matter inside their skulls dialed in properly to a team mentality or else it is just a bunch of guys who think they are more talented than they are transferring in because they see an immediate start and thus a path to individual glory and an NFL contract. Maybe these guys mesh with the old guys right away and things really start clicking. It happens. Look at Michigan State last year and Kansas State back in the day when half of their roster was made up every year of new JUCO transfers. But it takes a great coach and coaching staff to make that meshing happen.

Every year I look at our schedule and I see a potential undefeated season. We are talented enough most years to at least dream that a "special" season is in the cards. And our schedule this year seems easier. But this is a team that has managed to lose to Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana etc...

I need to see it on the field.
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Oct 18, 2002
We're going to find out how good this team really is in 22 days. I'll go out on a limb and say this is going to be a very good team, capable of beating any team on our schedule. Now will they beat every team on their schedule, I doubt it but with our new coaching staff and a change at QB well this has me excited.

I know many if not most Nebraska fans have suffered from some sort of ptsd over the past few decades but you know eventually this thing will turn, so why not this year. I can see a win total anywhere from 7 to 12 with twelve meaning we avoided injury and our players played to their potential and seven meaning we still can't close every game.

I'm saying we win 8 or 9 games and we are in every game to the end. The rebuild is under way and more and more elite transfers will happen once you win, who wouldn't want to play in front of a full house. GBR!
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