Zero Respect for our Team!!!


Jun 9, 2001
Our Huskers have a decent D so far, but the Offense has completely baffled me. Our OL is probably the weakest we have had in several years. Tommy seems to be a decent QB, but he is a first step slow with running, and he makes some very bad passing decisions. I thought he would be much better this year, but so far, he has disappointed me. Coach "Nice Guy" Riley is starting to get on my nerves with his lukewarm commentary and extremely laid back demeanor. After giving away 4 of our games (2 of them directly due to BAD Coaching decisions), Coach Riley has shown us a glimpse of things to come. He has been in football his whole career, and as a HC has a 95/84 winning record, which is mediocre. Shawn is totally responsible for this out of the box hire, and our AD needs to understand that his job is on the line. However, when Nebraska fans and taxpayers are paying Millions of $$$ to these 2 birds, they really don't have much incentive and can just fly away like BO did. I am hoping I am wrong about Riley, but time will tell. We will see how our Big Red does with the Gophers on the road. I mean, Minnesota is NOT a great team.
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