Your Top 5 Husker Moments


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Nov 27, 2011
Spring football is over and we are officially in the sports abyss, so let's take a trip down memory lane. What are your top 5 Husker moments that you witnessed in person? I'm talking any sport, any era. Here is my list:

5.) Nebraska vs. Western Illinois (football) Sept. 4th, 2004
A little background on my Husker fandom. As my name suggests, I am not a Nebraska native. I went to UNL for my undergrad from 2004-2008 (I know, lucky me....). Growing up, I didn't follow Husker football, or really college football in general. This game was my first true major college football experience and, needless to say, I was hooked immediately. The Sea of Red was unlike anything I'd ever seen, and I still get goosebumps every game I attend to this day. But, as they say, you never forget your first time.

4.) Nebraska vs. #4 Oklahoma State (basketball) February 22, 2005
We got to this game early and got a front row seat in the Red Zone. During warm ups, they looked like the best basketball team I had ever seen in person. I knew there was no way we were going to beat them. But the Huskers came to play that night. This was the first time I saw how great a Nebrasketball crowd could be. I also believe it was my first court-storming.

3.) Nebraska vs. Ohio State (football) October 8, 2011
First BIG home game. Biggest comeback in school history. Awesome night.

2.) Nebraska vs. #5 Texas (football) October 21, 2006
Perhaps it's odd to have such a crushing loss on my list, but this crowd was like unlike anything I'd ever experienced. The crowd was great the whole game, but when the Huskers started to come back and finally took the lead, Memorial Stadium was pure pandemonium. After the Lucky-to-Swift TD, my friend said he jumped cheering and didn't land for like a minute. Alas......

1.) Nebraska vs. #9 Wisconsin (basketball) March 9, 2014
The legendary No Sit Sunday. I wanted to make it back for a Nebrasketball game in the new arena, and boy did I pick the right one. The crowd energy was constant from beginning to end. I'll never forget when Petteway hit that heat-check 3 near the beginning of the game. That might have been the loudest cheer I'd ever heard. My friend and I literally did not sit at all during the game. It was a perfect ending to great season.

What say you?


Jul 24, 2001
5. 2009 Holiday Bowl. For a fleeting hour or so I truly believed Pelini was the answer.
4. Matt Davison catch in the end zone in Columbia. The hush that came over the crowd will never be forgotten.
3.95 Fiesta Bowl greatest domination I have witnessed.
2. 94 Orange Bowl finally shutting Miami up.
1. 71 Game of the Century my dad took me as a young boy. Will never forget that day.


Jan 8, 2007
1. 1986 Colorado. Yes, we lost that game and yes it's #1 on my list. Why? Have you ever been in a sold out stadium where the home team snapped a 17 year losing streak? And against the team that their coach had singled out as the only team they want to beat. Our tickets were in the CU student section, and I wore a yellow shirt to fit in. It was my first college football game, really my first major sporting event of any kind. Goalposts came down. Really an electric, unforgettable atmosphere. Also, the first time I ever bought beer (just turned 17, CU hadn't beaten NU in my lifetime). Steve Taylor (my hero at the time) had a terrible game.

2. 1992 Colorado. In 1986, CU was a nobody. But they got really good really quick, and actually had the nerve to win a MNC while our Dr. Tom still hadn't. It had been four years since we had beaten them, and their fans had grown easy to hate. Final score: NU 52 CU 7. I have never seen our home crowd love a blowout and scream for more blood throughout.

3. Basketball - I attended NU between 1987 and 1992. We never won a single bowl game the whole time I was there, but I did experience the pinnacle of Husker basketball. I remember seeing us beat Kansas and the Devaney Center was rocking.

3. 1988 Oklahoma - #1 vs #2. Broderick Thomas had the keys to our house. We lost. I remember it because it was the only game I saw in person with my dad, and I remember how amazingly quiet the crowd was as we exited the stadium

4. 1999 Colorado - I remember the flow of this game more than most. On the first play of the game, Dan Alexander took it 80 yards to the house. CU had a renowned speedster DB (Ben somebody), and he couldn't catch him with all that yardage. We continued to pretty much dominate the game through the first 3 quarters and built a very comfortable lead. But CU dominated the fourth quarter, came all the way back, and should have won late. It slipped into OT, and the good guys won. I sat near a drunk and obnoxious CU fan and I said something to him early on. At one point, I am sure if I would have said one more thing there would have been blows but I bit my tongue. The guy was drunk and CU was getting soundly beaten, so he left the game after the 3rd Q. I've wondered what would have happened if he had stayed.


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Feb 25, 2011
North Carolina
1. Stuntz to Crouch... WOW. Loud and awesome
2. Agree about CU game in 1992. The crowd wanted blood, and it was by far the loudest blowout.
3. '95 Fiesta Bowl. Was 11 year old, but had watched all of the national pub going in. Went to game with grandpa and was nervous at the start but wow did that change. Awesome.
4. I believe it was '94, but KState had Kevin Lockett and some JJ running back. It was back and forth, but what a great game.
5. '95 game vs. Arizona St. My grandfather played ball at Hastings with Tommy O, and we got to tour the weight room and other areas because of it. Got to meet numerous players that morning as well due to connections from my hometown. Although we killed them, great experience.


May 3, 2012
In no particular order. I just realized I'd only been present for two of these games, but all leave a strong memory in my mind.

1986 NU vs. OU - Huskers come out wearing all red. Playing amazing football, only to collapse late, including a last minute 41 yd. TD reception from Keith Jackson. I'll never forget this game, even though it was a loss.

Senior Day 1990 - Kenny Walker is announced for his final home game and the stadium is silent with nearly everyone in the stands waving their hands in the sign language sign for applause.

Matt Davison flea kicker catch at Missouri. I was home watching the game with a friend. Never went from devastated to ecstatic as quickly as I did watching that game. I swear my head hit the ceiling as I jumped so high.

1995 Orange Bowl - not only did Nebraska and Osborne finally get over the hump, but did it in the perfect Nebraska fashion. The fullback trap was worked to perfection and after all those years of agony, the good guys triumphed.

1998 Orange Bowl - Osborne goes out a champion with Frost leading the way. It was a classic Husker win with an exclamation that led to a share of the National Championship.


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Nov 11, 2009
No particular order...
Rodger's punt return against OU.
Tagge's qb sneak against LSU.
Crouch's goal to goal run against Mizzou.
Win against OU in 78 (Simms fumble)
Eichorst announcing Pelini's firing.


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Jul 30, 2003
1. Nebraska baseball in CWS- First game vs Fullerton
2. Nebrasketball vs Wiscy last year
3. 2003 Alamo Bowl win over Mich St
4. 2000 NU stomping Notre Dame in Lincoln
5. 1994 win over Wyoming- My first Husker football game


Nov 15, 2006
1. 1995 Orange Bowl
2. 1984 Orange Bowl
3. 1997 vs Baylor
4. 2001 vs Baylor

I've only been to 4 Husker games so I don't have a #5.



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Apr 21, 2006
1) Eichorst firing Pelini.
2) October 31, 1992 against Colorado at Memorial Stadium. Craziest environment I experienced at Memorial Stadium.
3) 1994 Orange Bowl against Florida State
4) 1995 Orange Bowl against Miami
5) 1996 Fiesta Bowl against Florida and 1998 Orange Bowl against Tennessee

2-5 is actually a tie.
Aug 12, 2013
Not going to count games that I did not attend....

1 - Nebraska over Oklahoma 2001 - Stuntz to Crouch
2 - Nebraska over Northwestern 2013 - Kellogg to Westercamp
3 - Nebraska over Colorado 2000 - Crouch to Newcombe followed by game winning FG
4 - Nebraska over Colorado 2008 - Record Breaking FG and Suh's pick six
5 - Nebraska over KState 1999 - After losing to them in 1998.. I think KSU was #1 or #2 and we killed them.

a few more might come to mind...but this is a good start. Obviously for games I did NOT attend i would have our three 1990s championship games, the 1999 Big 12 championship, 1999 bowl game vs. Tenn, ect.


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May 29, 2001
Surprise, AZ via North Platte
1978: Might not be the greatest home victory ever, but being in Memorial Stadium to watch the Huskers beat OU in freezing cold was pretty damn fun!

1995: At Boulder, watching Nebraska just kick the hell out of cu and seeing their smug fans slithering out the gates.

1992: Halloween wasn't any more fun than seeing cu get a beat down the size of the flatirons. As loud and as delirious a Husker home game as you'd ever want to see.

1994/1995: The two seasons put together were as good as it gets.

2005: As you can guess, there's a theme going here, but watching Nebraska unexpectedly blow out Colorado and seeing the refs empty their student section was priceless, as much fun as I've ever had at a game on the road.

There are obviously greater games than the one's I mentioned, but I despise Colorado fans, and every victory since the early 80's are always something to remember.


Dec 15, 2013
Thigh Land
was at the 92 rainy Halloween game and the 06 snowy Texas game and that texas crowd was unlike anything I have seen in Lincoln and I had season tix from 92-98


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Oct 21, 2006
The Bay or the Sierras
  1. 1995 Orange Bowl - great win. Watched it with my Dad. We were so happy for that team and for TO. Incredible night.
  2. 1996 Fiesta Bowl - total annihilation. I expected it and it turned out that way. Told all of my friends that were not from NE that this would happen and they didn't believe me. People had fear in their hearts for NU after that game.
  3. 1998 Orange Bowl - TO's final game and proved who the best team in the country was.
  4. 1994 Orange Bowl - yes, it was a difficult loss but it showed that the revamped NU defense was capable of. I think this gave TO and the rest of the team the needed confidence to make their run. They knew they were a better team than people realized.
  5. (tie) 1992 and 1994 Colorado games. CU had a mix of great teams and the peak of their nasty/classless fan base. The beat downs levied against them and McCartney were awesome. I attended both and they were two of my favorite games in Lincoln.

mel mains

May 29, 2001
Limited to games I attended,

(1) 1997 @Washington / 1998 Orange Bowl. The last games I attended with my father. I use those games as context, placement for remembering him. Honoring his memory by going back to Seattle in 2010.

(2) 2008 Kansas. My son's first game, the start of Suh becoming something really big. Close second, late comeback 2014 @Michigan, when Bo high-fived my son as the team left the field. The OWH printed the color picture, Bo signed it to my son and it's all framed in the basement now.

(3) 1979 Penn State. Walloped 'em. My oldest brother taught me how to sneak into games, while carrying in a case of beer in a backpack for him and his friends, iced no less. Who's going to check a 13 year-old?

(4) All 3 national championship victories and the Miami thumping. Promised myself I'd never miss a championship game after watching FSU 18-16 on tv the year before, and I plan to keep the promise.

(5) FSU 1985, first game of college years. Upset loss but a co-ed lifted her shirt for me during the game. I already knew but this confirmed, these games are for me!

Should probably throw in 1994 @ Iowa State, got thrown out after hopping the 12' perimeter fence, then being given a pass out check at the gate and walking right back in at the next gate.

@ Notre Dame. Anything in the 1990's v. Colorado. 1988 @ OU in the rain. Wow what fun.


Jan 8, 2007
I see very few B1G events listed. Probably why some of us still feel out of place.

And with the change in venues, it's much harder for me to go which makes it less likely that a B1G will rise into my top 5. When I do shell out the bucks, I would be more inclined to justify a BYU game, Miami game or bowl game than an Iowa or Illinois game.


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Oct 21, 2006
The Bay or the Sierras
I see very few B1G events listed. Probably why some of us still feel out of place.

And with the change in venues, it's much harder for me to go which makes it less likely that a B1G will rise into my top 5. When I do shell out the bucks, I would be more inclined to justify a BYU game, Miami game or bowl game than an Iowa or Illinois game.
Has nothing to do with B1G, but you don't create as many lasting memories when you are not winning significant games.


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Oct 3, 2006
1. The defeat of Oklahoma after 47 straight victories.
2. Jim Kubacki's field goal to defeat Kansas (Saturday) followed by beating K State (with Bob Boozer) on Monday. By the way, KU had a player named Wilt Chamberlain. This was the greatest 3 day period in Husker hoops history.
3. Alex Henery's long field goal followed by Suh's interception return for a TD against Colorado.
4. Tommy Armstrong pass for 99 yards in bowl game against Georgia.
5. Stuntz to Crouch pass against Oklahoma.


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Aug 24, 2006
1) Nov 10th, 1973 vs ISU. Nothing special and we beat them 31-7 on a cold day. But it was my first game and it was my 9th b-day so I got to go with my dad just the two of us. Tailgated with his friends and stayed to the last second ticked off the clock. Will never forget it.

big gap

2) Beating Miami in the Orange Bowl......finally
3) No sit Sunday vs Whisky. Grew up playing basketball and never thought I'd get to see that type of atmosphere at a Nebraska game. Hope we get to see it again.
4) Watching the 78 game against OU (at home). The emotions of that game were unlike any other I can remember. High of Rudd's hit and fumble recovery only to see it nullified. Pulling ahead 17-14 in the 4th and then watching OU go down the field like so many times with Billy Sims running like a mad man. Then the fumble and Jimmy Pillen jumping on it with just a minute or two left to seal the deal. Our D hit them so hard that day....fumbled nine times. Barry still says that was his best team ever.
5) Gotta throw some love the girls. 2005 and 2006 Vball seasons were fun to watch....domination. Runner-up and Champions.