Would a group of 5 playoff make sense? Would anyone care?

Discussion in 'Husker Board' started by bleed husker red, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Let them play a 8 or 4 team playoff, hell more if they want. It's obvious they wont get a shot at the big boy trophy, so while not sell their own championship.

    Or do they lose money by not playing in bowl games?

    I'd rather watch a playoff game then another low tier bowl .
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    Jul 22, 2008
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    Here's my idea.

    1. Make all conferences play the same number of conference games.
    2. Schedule one less game every year (conference or nonconference, doesn't matter).
    3. Then on the last weekend of the season the #2 teams from each division will play, the #3 teams play, the #4 teams play, etc. While the #1 teams get a bye and play the first week of Dec. They can rotate every year between the East and the West as to who hosts the games. And maybe it could even turn into a fun little rivalry between divisions.
    4. Expand to an 8 team playoff where every P5 conference champion gets an automatic bid, as well as 1 non P5 team (assuming they meet certain criteria, ie: being in the top 10 or something) as well as 2 more at large teams.

    This seems to solve most of the problems I think. Certain conferences aren't getting left out of the playoff. It keeps the number of games from expanding (15 games for college kids is an absolute grind) and it even gives the little guys (non P5 teams) a chance. What do people think of this?

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