Why did we ask the Big Ten?

Sep 26, 2020
You dont care about closed businesses? Lost jobs? Ruined lives?
you dont care about deaths of despair? 100 thousand more people aged 25-45 dead this year than last year?

ok then....
youre too tunnel visioned to see the big picture.
Are you talking about the pandemic as a whole, or a single canceled football game?

I'm only asking, because the lack of a football game in Lincoln this coming Saturday didn't cause everything you mentioned. We can discuss the pandemic, or the football game, but I'm not doing both at the same time. And, we'd probably have some common ground on the pandemic, along with some differences.

I'm also pretty sure that your primary concern is getting to watch a football game, not the other stuff you mentioned.

But if you are that concerned, there is nothing stopping you or anyone else from heading to Lincoln this weekend, booking a hotel room, and spending a few hours at your favorite watering hole(s) while the wife goes shopping. Hell, you can then head to dinner at a nice restaurant Saturday evening.

Don't need a football game to go do all of that, right? .
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