When we went away from physical football, we set our future

Discussion in 'Husker Board' started by Gemini6, Oct 31, 2015.

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    demise. Nebraska will never be successful as a finesse team. We saw it with Callahan. We saw some of it with Beck and a lack of tackling with Bo. And now it's some of both.

    This is so damn sad because it could have been so much different had we simply done a REAL coaching search after Frank was fired and brought in a coach who believed in physical football and the running game.

    The ONLY way this program comes back imho is to get a coach and staff who not only believe in power football and physical, nasty defensives, but coaches from top to bottom who can instill that play in our players.

    Welcome to the end of one, long, crappy nightmare.
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    Feb 3, 2004
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    I like physical football and wasn't a Cally fan, but folks have said around here for years that despite the WCO Cally would probably have never been fired if he had brought in a solid DC.

    I would assume then that a passing offense is regarded as acceptable although not necessarily a fan favorite presuming all phases of the game lead to wins

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