Waaay to early Super Bowl prediction thread....


Nebraska Football Hall of Fame
Aug 27, 2006
I love me some Brady, I really cannot lose this Sunday because the Chiefs are my team, but I said all year if they don't win it, I hope it's Brady. Class act that keeps his opinions to himself, isn't trying to market "his brand" epitomy of what I try and teach my sons...Do your job as best you can, don't complain, don't be a distraction, etc, etc....former 6th rounder who made good....

Gun to my head or an amount of money that is a lot to me, I'm taking Mahomes all day and every day. I just don't think any team can score enough points against the Chiefs.

I think the Bucs can win though, their defense is good, and if I'm Ariens I'm bludgeoning the Chiefs with Fournette early to keep the ball out of Mahomes hands as much as possible and if that works they got a shot. So I think that's the map to beating the Chiefs, but I don't think it will work.

What say all you degenerates?


Nebraska Legend
Jun 17, 2001
Chiefs will stop Brady more times than Suh and Lavante Davis will stop Mahomes, Kelsey and Hill..


Apr 18, 2004
I think the Chiefs prevail in a close one. The Chiefs offensive line is a mash unit with Schwartz and Fisher out. They need to give mahomey just enough time to get the ball out and he'll do the rest. Bucs d is good, but Hill and Kelsey are too much

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