Tucker: Trump Is Done - Going to Be blamed For vaccine now that truth about vaccine coming out


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Apr 27, 2010
as ludicrous as that is

I’m gonna love to see the spin of you left-wing political hacks once that happens you won’t be on the side of Trump or Biden because we all know it was left-wing authoritarian pushing the vaccine more than anybody Trump wasn’t trying to mandate it like you guys were on the left radical left

you will soon not be the vaccine especially boosters anymore it’s gonna be funny to watch you idiots pivot

it’ll just prove your political hacker you might as well leave the board at this point

And it’s coming there’s lots of evidence about the huge rise in miscarriages and all other kinds of deadly results from the vaccine and it’s going to be because Trump rushed it he was trying to do exactly what everybody said we needed to do and they were so happy to take it but it’s his fault even though he’s not the FDA or the science behind it he was just doing what he was told if he didn’t do it you would’ve accused him of trying to kill people which you do anyway

Tuckers killing it right now listen and learn
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