Time for OPS to make a change?

Bart Man

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Dec 1, 2014
I suspect that most of the census forms had already been returned by the time the people who left town did so. I was looking for an emoticon with "shrugging shoulders". Who knows. All I know is what I'm hearing from realtor friends and that is that people from cities on the east and west coasts in particular are buying homes in the midwest. One friend says that the Blackhills real estate market has just exploded this summer. I've been casually looking for land out there for a while. I probably should have bought some last year.:(
If this pandemic has done anything it has proven that people can work from home and home can be anywhere you want it to be if you have internet. The congregation of people to a high rise office to run a business will diminish to cut costs. The big loser will be convention industry, all going virtual.