The Big Ten is no longer a power 5 conference --- #replaceKevin


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Jun 20, 2019
I've worked for some big corps in my day. When I was hired at my first one the recruiter told me they liked hiring people from UNL and smaller schools because those employees tended to stick around. I saw this first hand as several years later they hired a new manager from a big ten school out east who directed HR to start hiring Big 10 alum because their education was 'superior'. I never saw evidence of that and most of them left within 2 years. Big fail.


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Nov 5, 2005
All academic standards were waved in order to accept Neb with the expectation of improving the conference in football - instead both the academic and the athletic prowess of the conference have been dragged down due to that regrettable decision

Nobody gives 2 shits about the academics. Sports is where the money comes from. Been dragged down because of Nebraska? My god you are an idiot. B1G was never an elite football conference. You do know that Nebraska has as many National Titles since 1990 than the entire B1G conference. Yes this shithole conference is so tough. We could even go back to 1970 and Nebraska would have would have 1 more National Title in that time frame than the ENTIRE B1G conference combined. So freaking elite. It seems this conference has dragged Nebraska down if anything.
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