So Trump wanted to do the following Military Withdrawals on his way out of office


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Apr 23, 2007
I think but I could be wrong District 1 in zOmaha

I've seen District 9.



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Dec 20, 2005
I don't know what that means. But it sounds shitty.
It is from a movie.

In essence we exploit as much of the world as we can carrying our big stick, in order to benifit the USA and to the quality of life.

One of the reasons we have the standard of living we do. So it is shitty. But I will not lie, I am also unwilling to give up my life for people on the other side of this rock. I will deal with that at st. peters gate.
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Sep 1, 2010
Do you think that's realistic? Like really realistic that we should never have a military presence anywhere but home?

Take that in contrast to what's real today. There are hundreds of military bases (like 800ish?) across the world. We did that so we can launch a force from pretty much any spot of the planet.

Add in that there are now many countries that have quick strike military capabilities, do you see it as realistic to only be on US soil? I know it sounds good in a bite, but how would we really do that?

In typical conservative fashion.. take something really hard, narrow it to a basic straw man, then knock it down. I am for leaving those places, but not just randomly with no strategy or plan, including a plan to return if things smolder out of control.. and also letting them know we'll be back if they want to be idiots.

And this.

I would love to scale down our presence abroad, but that is no easy thing to do. We are so prevalent abroad to help preserve our standing as the singular world power. There is good and bad to that, but IMO that is the main reason for it. Still would like to back off as much as possible on our huge presence and spending from that presence, around the world. I don't have the answer(s) towards doing that and making sure we are still able to adequately protect ourselves and our countries interests.
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