Smothers Transferring?


Oct 27, 2019
Heard a rumor Smothers is looking elsewhere as well. That he reached out to an ACC school. Hope it’s not true.


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Jul 27, 2014
time to bring in a good portal QB and push AM or become the starter, don't blame smothers HCSF is ridding and going to die with AM
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Jan 20, 2021
I think the quarterbacks/team get the vibe that Frost is sticking with Adrian no matter how terrible he gets. Why would you ever stay in that situation as a young quarterback? Not only do you not get a real chance to win the job, but the coach is arrogant about it and the quarterback that gets the nod struggles season after season and seems pretty indifferent about it. It would be difficult to sit behind someone that the entire country can see is not the right guy. You can have a couple soft/mentally weak guys on a team, but the coach appointed leader can't be lacking fire, or the will to win. Adrian has shown that football isn't that big of a deal to him. He doesn't want it bad enough to win at a place like Nebraska, that demands fire, leadership and competitive edge. We are at a point in the offense where we need a leader to pull guys along, this kid is quiet, hardly competitive and doesn't have any ground to stand on when he has been as bad as anyone. It is a mess. Sticking with Adrian has been providing diminishing returns for too long. If Smothers is even shopping around, I would be looking for a Transfer and focus recruiting on a real quarterback next time instead of athletes that all have major flaws in the quarterback game, making it difficult to decide who is even close to being a real quarterback.


Apr 18, 2004
I call complete BS on this one. McCaffrey didn't have what it took to displace Martinez. Fine. We haven't even seen smothers so we have no expectation that he's better than Martinez at this stage of the game. Don't be surprised if we have a transfer quarterback in the fold shortly. Frost is not married to this kid. Through his own mismanagement of the position, he's left himself with few options.


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Dec 21, 2002
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Call bullsh!t on all this! But if he decides to leave he is stupid. Without a Transfer coming in he is one knockout hit from being the starter just like Luke was, he had a chance to be the #1 guy, could't make it happen, technically he wasn't ready. Even if we get a Transfer, the guy could be a one and done or Smothers will have the opportunity to compete with him. Everything I have read about him, he is a competitor and a team guy, coaches son. If he leaves he is not the kid we need leading the program in the future!


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Feb 12, 2018
Ok, I'll bite even though it's nothisng more than a BS rumor. Say we have a huge name coming in. Would that be the other QB that Frost recruited to UCF and played after Milton went down?