Savage. Banker fired over...


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Sep 21, 2016
Exactly. He was getting paid handsomely. One of the highest paid people in the State of Nebraska. To coach a game. His defenses were mediocre. Certainly not championship caliber. Yes, yes, we lack talent. But his defenses tackled poorly, took bad angles, lacked discipline, lacked fundamentals, and for two years in a row got gashed by big plays in big games.
He should not have been whining to the press. Move on dude.

While I agree changing the DC was the right choice wouldnt lack of fundamentals, discipline, bad angles and poor tackling be more on the position coaches instead of the DC?


Jul 4, 2016
Riley has helped Banker make millions of dollars...lets see if there is another D1 coach that hires him, unlikely...I think Mark was working well above him skill level, and getting paid for it too.

He'll get another D1 DC gig again...assuming that's what he wants...this year or next. Cosgrove still has one for cripes sake.
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Toms Wife

Jan 7, 2017
You're wasting time with someone from HPH. I'm not interested in what 747, doodle or swatted have to say so please keep me out of responses to them.

To answer your question, Shawn isn't feeling any heat. He has great relations and dialogue with BOR's who finally came to their senses and the money guys who can make things happen if/when needed.
Wow. This archive retrieval stuff is golden. Amazing how Shawn had the money guys on his side.

We could do this all day. RollingLaugh
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daddy mack

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Jan 19, 2002
Omaha, NE
the phone by Riley while Banker was at Denver airport headed to Tulsa to recruit.
What recruit is in Tulsa?
Did he ever recruit or land anything.So now Sam is rehashing old news another villager lighting old torches Do Not Care. If Scott or Tom or Bo did this he would say good call coach. Remember this are the same guys who wanted Banker canned all year, then it happens and all they do is whine.