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Aug 9, 2009
Brother you really can be quite dense.

Similar to many of the other cases brought before judges by Trump's campaign, this "court order" was already being enforced before the case was brought before the judge (other than the 25 ft being reduced to 6 ft). The judge simply said, "Yes, they need to continue doing what they are doing."

It was purely a PR strategy by Trump's campaign to bring these types of cases before judges so their "ruling" would make it appear like the law wasn't already being complied with from the start.

One Judge even replied in his ruling, "I am not sure why you needed to bring this before the courts."
That’s exactly what happened with SCOTUS yesterday with PA. Guys like @Aghusker and @Hyattea bought it hook, line, and sinker


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Jan 16, 2004
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I'd like to hear @Bobfather thoughts on the current state of the vote count...
Live look at @Bobfather in his room right now:

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Sep 27, 2014
Forget ‘science’...., there is no ‘safe’. Never was....

Socialists of 2020, the Dem party is dead! God save your lying, CORRUPT souls...
Trump was a populist. Not Republican or Democrat. He didn’t need their money and he was dangerous to the swamp. Wake up people!
yeah...., lets see who’s still laughing... Iran, Syria, Venezuela, .... and China.... I have SEEN the hatred in Chinese soldiers’ eyes when I was there. With my own eyes. They intend to dominate and we have elected a senile Mr. Rogers.
Read Indy....

This guy knows his history and is legit...

Note, he’s giving pure info, facts. We almost don’t get that anymore..., all language w nuance that nudges opinions. Sooooo tired of media interpreting and assuming I need to be told.
Yeah, I am hearing from people all over the world (20 years teaching at UNL) because we are sooo naive. THEY are crying for us.

Biden essentially won because he ‘wasn’t Trump.’ What did he stand for? All negative, plus now he owes Bernie. You can hear the knives sharpening.
Wooo hoooo. Collecting ignores today. You need to read more. Ignorance is its own payback!
No, I am explaining to someone who obviously has no soul... and I hope you remember your poison in the years to come. The party has become the HATERS... hate eats your soul...
We will be in two years....liked losing those house seats? STILL don’t have the Senate and can’t stack that Court? Boo hooo.
No.., this guy Pease. Trump is over the top invention, exaggeration. Problem is, he BELIEVED what he said..., wasn’t trying to deceive. Bad choices of words, not articulate, bad intel. Watch a speech. Think ‘construction worker’?
not crying for Trump....they PITY us.