Rams Niners MNF


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Jan 14, 2011
Cowboys are looking pretty good. I'm impressed with the 49ers strength despite not having good quarterback play. Super hard to win in the NFL without a superstar quarterback
I think Jimmy G is better than some other starting QBs. I sure as hell would trade Cousins for him…….
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Aug 27, 2006
I‘ve never had kids, but I understand how that could interfere with your time watching sports. Got married in my forties and luckily my wife loves watching her school Purdue play and leaves me alone when I am watching sports that she has no interest. She is doing better than me in a NFL losers pool than I am. So I don’t understand one of my ski friends who lets his wife dictate his viewing habits. There are six of us who ski together all the time and all but me and one other went to WSU. They all follow the Cougs, but I would say only two really know what is going on with the team and consistently watch their games. Then there is this one guy who will only watch sports if his wife watches the game. Even crazier than that is if she decides to something else during a game he will leave with her and not watch the game to its end. Even if he has an interest in the outcome. I have no problem with my wife watching something else on another TV, playing her guitar in her music room or doing anything else. She leaves the dog and me alone when we are watching the 65 inch in my man-room.

My wife watches football with me half naked and gets me beer and makes all kinds of great snacks. She really is the best.
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Walk On
Sep 25, 2022
You’re getting a feeling? Lol, you don’t go with actual facts much, do you? As far as emotions, I didn’t start slinging the angry name-calling, that was you getting your little panties in a twist when you’re feelings got hurt. I’m 48, how are your feelings doing so far?
For the last time - 1 or 3 teams does not equal a league-wide culture. But keep shaking your fist and shouting about it, I have a feeling you’re “that guy.”
too long; didn’t read.

sorry for embarrassing you tho