QBs and coaches


Redshirt Freshman
Oct 17, 2019
Our QB coach, goofy as he may be, has been pretty successful as a coach. He has coached 4 guys to the NFL, had his QB be all conference 13 times, and coach an FCS QB to player of the year.

If you look at Milton, he substantially improved from '16 to '17. And was arguably worse in '18 post Mario.

Martinez in his first year was good. Good enough to be recognized in conference and nationally.

So what is different the last two years?
Did he just forget how to coach? Is Martinez an anomaly?

There is more evidence that says he is good rather than not, by a big margin.

I think Martinez let his first year get to him and the coaches haven't been able to real him in yet.

So short of just saying he looks like Harry Potter and sucks, show me something other than Martinez that says he sucks.



Jun 25, 2018
There’s several variables like surrounding talent, and also the possibility that Mario’s technique driven method just hasn’t suited AM/LM well in their development (what works for some may not work for others).
I guess one element I would add is we put a lot on Adrian’s shoulders, but it’s not his fault that Verdu and Frost have failed to bring in someone better.
It’s odd to see Adrian clearly regress, but I’m failing to understand why we didn’t bring in 2-3 more scholarship QBs until we get it right? The position is too important to neglect.

AND one more shameless plug for coaches being asleep at the wheel by not having any communication yet with Gretna QB Zane Flores who threw over 1900 yds and put up 26 total TDs in only 8 games as a sophomore. A few others may have had slightly better stats, but most or all were seniors.
To have other FBS schools talking to him before us is such a bad look, particularly when we have QB issues.

Dean Pope

Offensive Coordinator
Oct 11, 2001
The development of Milton as a passer is something you do not see very often. Since then Verduzco has tried to replicate that with McCaffrey and Smothers a couple good runners, smaller guys who needed a lot of work. And now Haarberg who is also a project, but he's got good size and arm strength. Seems like there's a lot to work with there. So my concerns with Verduzco would be his overconfidence in his ability to develop QBs and subsequently recruiting the wrong prospects.

As for Martinez, I think a kid who digresses like Martinez did after his freshman year needs to take ownership of that and not put it on the position coach.