OT - Fire Bets (Craps)


Nov 17, 2003
I made a trip to the casino this past weekend and was hoping some craps expert can help me out. I normally put $5 out on the fire bet (sucker bet I know, but like the odds if someone gets on a hot roll). I have hit the 4 number fire bet a few times (24:1 payout). Finally got on a table where the 5th number (249:1) was hit and only had one number left to hit the holy grail (999:1). I got caught up in the moment, but looking back, I was thinking I should have taken every remaining dollar I had and placed it on the don't pass line to hedge my fire bet hitting that 6th number since I was already guaranteed $1250 coming to me & was hoping that final number hit & getting $5000. I don't play the Don't Pass, but was curious on betting strategy to "protect" the Don't Pass bet. Also, is the reverse true where on the Pass Line it is better to bet the minimum & then load up on the odds, is it better to just have all the money placed instead laying the odds? Just trying to come up with the best strategy should I ever encounter this again (which isn't likely).

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