HOL Radio Show Off Court with Trey & Bryce McGowens - July 7, 2021

Sean Callahan

Nebraska Legend
May 29, 2001
Lincoln, NE
Introducing "Off Court" with Trey and Bryce McGowens. Each week Trey and Bryce will give you an inside look at the Nebraska basketball team and more.

Off Court is brought to you by Tanners Bar & Grill and Tavern 180 in Lincoln.

On this week's Off Court with Trey and Bryce McGowens we hit on the following:
  • 0:00 - Opening headlines - Week 1 impact of NIL, Dalana Banton to the NBA and the updated schedule
  • 10:21 - New assistant coach Nate Loenser joins us
  • 26:42 - Assistant coach Doc Sadler joins the program
  • 39:09 - Mail Bag questions for Trey and Bryce
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