Of course lefties threatening violence toward pro life centers


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Apr 27, 2010

Vandals target Virginia pro-life center with menacing graffiti: ‘You ain't safe’​

Vandals target Virginia pro-life center with menacing graffiti: ‘You ain't safe’


make no mistake about it they may not think they are communist but they are communist because communists are bullies and or violent toward enemies and they are constantly against life in every regard. they constantly try to snuff out the opposition with these types of bully tactics because people don’t want what they’re pushing they don’t vote for it they can’t get it down in Congress only through radical justices over the years left-wing and executive orders can they ever get most of this far left agenda through it never passes Where is supported by the majority of Americans

Vandals target Virginia pro-life center with menacing graffiti: ‘You ain't safe’

Just look at the history of Stalin look at the history of China Mao the cultural revolution that’s now going through the United States whether you wanna believe it or not they’re trying to push it

they don’t care about blacks in inner cities or hispanics.
They want the Abortion rights extended as much as possible because it’s always been people of color who actually have more abortions which is exactly the reason why I’m saying her started Planned Parenthood in the first place she was a ****ing Nazi leftist racist

When they claim they do they don’t care about babies they care about children after they’re born but of course they want them for abuse like masking them up and again they are the side pushing for all kinds of abuse towards children in general they are the ones who are making the politics about normalizing the sexualization of children

but somehow not babies all the way up until full-term which is why I’m getting involved in the abortion to be no way in hell is that going to be a standard like it is in looney California New York in Colorado already how sick are those states. How many people even know that they’re allowing up to full term?? The same idiot you don’t even know that abortion rights are being taken away they were never guaranteed in the constitution but somehow you talk yourself into it because it was a political law not a legal based constitutional law roe versus wade decision was
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