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Nov 15, 2017
-Scholarship reductions spread the talent out.

What do we expect to happen but a pot ton more teams getting respectably effective at performing at a close level with any team in the country?

-G5 teams and even FCS teams are now beating Div 1 P5 teams on a frequent basis.

How long until it gets to be indistinguishable between a P5 or a G5 program in on field performance?

-Certain facilities, or services such as a full time training table only cost so much and then the advantage of gross sums of money earned is less and less applicably effective, they will eventually be commonly available to even G5 schools.

Just as when a person like Warren Buffet becomes so rich they have no way to consume the wealth they have acquired in their lifetime.

The way I see it, soon the difference between P5 and G5 will disappear entirely except in length of history and even that as time marches on will become insignificant.

Unless the P5 decide to create a league of their own, they will have no real argument to keep the newcomers down.

This isn't about strength of schedule in my opinion, this is about pride. Settle it on the field or take the ball and go home......

......should have kept scholarship limits high.
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Sep 23, 2011
respectful post but you are off the rails a bit here - NU does not want to get rated ahead of a team that beat them in a conference title game. Wisconsin is not bitching about this nor should they.

Winning a conference title in a P5 conference is very hard and should be rewarded. the argument should have been whether Alabama deserved to be in over OSU. That gets even stickier now as Alabama was the National champion. The argument you guys are making for some mythical national title demeans your program and unfortunately detracts from the fine team and season you had.

What we are saying here is that it is up to you to change not up to P5 teams or the current structure to change - If you want to be recognized as a national power you need to show by going on the road against good P5 teams consistently year in year in year out. You do not get respect when your AD manages your schedule to only allow home and home series against these teams. You would make as much going on the road against say NU as you would a home game so it is not financial. It is your program trying to back door into respectability and it it does not work and has been tried before
One more post - not to argue but to point out that UCF has been able to get home and home series with big teams because it helps P5 schools with recruiting Florida. Over the last few years, we've had Texas, South Carolina, Missouri, and Miami play in Orlando. Penn State had agreed to play us at home but then we agreed to move that game to Ireland. Georgia Tech was going to play us this year at home until the game got cancelled by the Hurricane (that is where Austin Peay came into play for the makeup game - not originally on our schedule). This year Pittsburgh is playing us and then Stanford is playing in Orlando in 2019. Virginia Tech played us in our home stadium when they had Michael Vick and we weren't on the map at all just for recruiting purposes. So, we are playing the big boys as ESPN likes to say and will continue to play those teams. It's been a little bit of an odd argument from my standpoint this year since we had both Maryland and Georgia Tech on our schedule at the beginning of the season. The home and home is important for UCF with driving season ticket sales and growing the fan base with getting a quality opponent with name recognition at home once a year. We all support our AD on that one.
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Aug 20, 2014
Name a national Champion who did not win on the road against really good competition. The US is still free market at least for the moment P5 teams owe you nothing. it is your responsibility to overcome the obstacles not ours to eliminate them
In 1997 when Nebraska played UCF, UCF was leading at halftime. The final at Nebraska was 38-24. However we played a much better game than 2 out of 3 ranked teams that Nebraska played. Of course you would never admit that the P5 teams many times are ranked much higher at the start of the season than they should be which means they can have several losses even to unranked teams and still be in the hunt. One of the 2018 preseason polls have UCF at 22 when we are returning almost everyone. The reason is we lost our coaching staff. So even when we replace our staff with P5 coaches that is still not good enough to be considered a top 10 team. People that don't want to admit the bias of the system are just lame hacks. Like I said before, ask your new coach Frost how he feels about the system. Maybe you are smarter than he is and can give him a piece of your mind.

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