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    Nebraska has gone through several years of firing football coaches-- starting with Solich firing, then Callahan, Pelini, Riley.

    How many Athletic Directors during that time were fired also? Two? Three?

    What I'm getting at is what Urban Meyer eluded to after the loss yesterday. He basically said this isn't the coach's fault-- not the fans fault. Instead, he said there needs to be a check under the hood of the car at bigger problems that have existed.

    He's right. As fans everyone wants STABILITY in football results NOW despite a stretch of several years now of complete INSTABILITY among the school athletic administration and coaches. Sorry folks, years of creating that mess isn't going to get corrected in two years as much as you hope it does.

    I've said for several years now the constant demand of firing ADs and Head Coaches will blow up on everyone. It has. Accept the reality. It's taking time now for recovery. Absolute craziness some here are already saying Frost was a mistake, the program is dead, better put Frost on "death watch". Damn people, dig in, be prepared for some learning pains, take the punches, and you'll endure somehow and eventually win. Hell, Iowa hung with Kirk Ferentz after he lost 15 of his first 16 games as coach-- nothing near as bad as that is happening now at Nebraska with Frost.
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