Mixed feelings about the B1G

Discussion in 'Husker Baseball Board' started by sklarbodds, Jun 10, 2014.

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    Nov 30, 2006
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    Hard not to be excited about some of the up and coming programs in the B1G and the dedication that some schools are showing to their programs, but it seems like I've gotten a few reminders lately about where we are as a conference.

    On the good side we had 2 super regional teams (counting Maryland, who pushed a very good Virginia team) and a solid 2 seed come out of the conference (very good by B1G measures).

    Then I see the B12 has 3 teams...in the freaking CWS...and another that lost in the Supers.


    When it was announced/rumored/etc that NU was going to join the Big Ten, I was happy for the AD as a whole. Better basketball, tradition rich football, good volleyball, etc. But I and many others on here knew this was not good for baseball, which is my primary Husker passion. Yes, we underestimated how deflated the team was leaving the B12 and thought we'd fare better in the B1G right away, but the reality is we had it really good in the B12 for baseball. Great conference with great facilities and fanbases all around the league. The winner of the conference was all but guaranteed a national seed and the runner up just about was too. Third and maybe fourth were hosting. Finish in the top half of your conference and you're in the dance.

    Unfortunately our conference often gets in its own way. Not NEARLY enough games on TV (should be double) and the money is definitely there from a conference standpoint. And scheduling? Ugh.

    It's just another reminder of how far we have to go.
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    May 1, 2003
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    We all knew moving to the B1G was going to be bad for baseball, but honestly I don't think the conference has been as bad as I thought. At least there does seem to be a commitment to the sport from just about every program now that wasn't necessarily there when we got in, and what happened at the B1G tournament with the great crowds can only help. The fan support from other programs isn't there yet, but that may take awhile. I really don't look at the Big 12 and wish we were still there in baseball because that isn't true in any other sport. This year showed that although the road is tougher in the B1G and there is little margin for error we can make it work.
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    Sep 5, 2006
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    Agree 1,000%. What baffles me is Delaney and team don't seem to pay much attention to baseball. They are clearly about money and they seem to be leaving some on the table. If you're starting from a minimal base line (no pun intended) why wouldn't you try to maximize the revenue sooner rather than later.


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