Matt Rhule can repair Nebraska: Why ex-Panthers coach is perfect fit to resurrect Huskers program


Offensive Coordinator
Sep 14, 2013
I kind of had to laugh at the title of this thread.. Nebraska is in the process of being repaired already.

Listening to some of the latest interviews, we are starting to see some confidence return to the team and also from the coaching staff.

Doesn't mean we are going to win out from here yet, but the ship is already turning. If things continue, all the coaching speculation will be an exercise in wasted effort.

Unless something falls apart here that comes out of left field, Mickey is going get the job imo.

The real question I have, is what other staff shakeups are to come? Is Busch a long term DC? What's the plan on OC backup for Whip? Is MJ happy with the OL coach, a new WR coach?

I think we are at the stage where MJ needs to start laying out how his staff is going to look longer term..

That's where the speculation makes more sense to me anyway.