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Sep 16, 2017
So let's take a quick look here...

In the last month or so the Omaha and Lincoln media went off on...

Made up stories (that they made up) about Moos being passed out drunk at bars and hitting on boosters significant others (no pics or video of course)

They ripped on him for this made up discord in the AD's office...They leaked out little teasers about how Moos might be stepping down or might be in need of help for his drinking issues.

They ripped on him for how he handled the Miles firing and they ripped on him for his statements and they ripped on him for not being at every Husker basketball game.

They tried to grab credit with the old "I have heard this has been in the works for awhile" nonsense when Fred stated to pop up as the next coach. (Of course, the same sources that were telling them all the BS stuff above were now giving good info, suuuuure)

Now they are all slurping on Moos. Good work local sports guys...good work indeed.

Sounds about right (#smalltownnews).

If not, they would simply be chasing players and coaches around asking he same ol' questions.

Let em embellish some, makes it more interesting around them parts...
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Oct 12, 2004
Moos is a FREAKING LEGEND and I believe he goes on the Mt. Rushmore of Most Influential people to change Nebraska Sports for the positive.

Anyone who even tries to make a name for themselves by trying to disparage Mr. Moos should be tared and feather in public.


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Jan 14, 2011
Of course we can disagree. I think he should have been told the day before.

If we stop paying for journalism, even if biased and imperfect , we are left with propaganda. That's where we are headed in this country because of rage at the media .
Miles has known for a long long time that he was going to get fired. That swoon before Copeland got hurt meant that Tim's only hope was to make the tourney. He knew he was gone. It was a formality and he knew it. I suspect that Moos told him the score before the B1G tourney. It wasn't official until it was official but Miles knew.


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Dec 2, 2007
Ha! Maybe Moos should have fired him right when the clock hit zero?


To listen to some of these guys, the fact that Moos wasn't out on that floor at the end of the TCU game, pulling down the rebound of the last shot, while wearing a sign on his back TIM MILES YOU ARE FIRED in big bold letters, caused Miles some irreparable harm that his career might never recover from.

Of course, if he'd have done it any sooner he would have been accused of having zero empathy and sense of timing by barely letting Miles get home and unpack his bags before canning him.
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Aug 8, 2008
They can only go off of what they are told.... just like any other market.

It’s obvious Moos has an enemy high in the ranks. I hope that person is exposed so they can be destroyed publicly. Too many god complexes on the BoR.
That actually isn't how journalism is supposed to work. Real journalism uses sources, but generally these sources have text or audio evidence to back up claims. A large percentage of men Moo's age have issues with alcoholism/ depression and the erratic behavior that comes with it so it shouldn't surprise anyone, nor is it grounds of termination. We've had/have presidents that have done much worse and are still able to lead.