Just under 10 weeks until the season opener


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Dec 16, 2007
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December 11th is the last day to renew season tickets
or to start your 3 payment installment plan.

2020 Husker Baseball
So let's be realistic, they are not going to go undefeated Eek
The good news is that they won't go winless :Cool:
I`m still waiting for some B1G teams to release their 2020 schedules.
Couple teams have some real nice conference paths lined up.
With the current depth of the B1G, depends who gets hot and when.
Projecting the conference's top 8 positions for Omaha is not very easy.
But I 'expect'
The 2020 Huskers make the B1G Tournament,
and continue to be in Regional contention.
More would be awesome, less leaves me wanting more.
I'm sure team goals are a lot higher, and should be.
I would like to believe,
the 2020 team will be better than the 2019 team was.
Prove it. Smokin
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