Just A Thought


Nov 26, 2014
From MR's presser after practice yesterday, I connected a thought.

Link: http://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/video-husker-coaches-mike-riley-danny-langsdorf-speak-after-practice/article_ba278382-c84b-11e4-b0ec-b3cb71b4c271.html

About 5 1/2 minutes into the video, he mentions that it's not about what the coaches want. It's about giving the players the right tools to go out on the field, get out there, play fast and win games. He was referring to the offense mainly, but still. "It's not about us (the coaching staff), it's about them being comfortable."

I remember two years ago against Northwestern and Westy's hail mary catch that Bo and Papuchis scrapped the defensive plan when down 14-24 (or a score around there). Surprisingly, they asked the defense what they wanted to do. They chose some formation, and ended up playing rock solid the rest of the way out. I know it's been brought up more than enough, but it's just fascinating to see the difference in coaching styles and coaching personalities between Riley and the former. Not sure what you guys take from this, but I'm liking MR's approach for the players' strengths.