Joe Dailey in the news


Nebraska Legend
Feb 2, 2005

I knew Joe was coaching, didn’t know he was in the NFL until today. Seemed like he kept his cool pretty good to me.


Athletic Director
Feb 13, 2004
Omaha Metro
One of my favorite Cornhuskers. Was recruited by Solich in his last Nebraska class signed in Feb 2003. Then Frank got canned by Pederson (partly because that recruiting class was not good) after the 2003 season and Bo coached the Alamo Bowl game. Callahan tried to pound a dual threat square peg Dailey into his round west coast hole and it didn't work out. Dailey was crucified for his coach's inability to coach to the players he had, but took the blame and held his head high. Just another player of many over the last 25 years who got screwed by a coaching change. I wish Joe the best.


Walk On
Jun 21, 2018
I always felt kind of sorry for Joe Dailey, what I remember of him.

It sure was entertaining reading about his opinion of “Billy C” in the OWH. I’ll give him credit for coining the term.

He was setup for failure and threw a bunch of picks in the spring game. Was gonzo soon after that. Somewhat of a sacrificial lamb to make way for Zac Taylor.

He probably could of been decent QB in Solich’s offense.

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