Sep 15, 2006
Just watch.

Nebraska is rising, and that rise is going to force the West teams to up their game as well.

Frost is respected relative to what he is putting together in Lincoln and his path and experience that led him back home.

So, he's upping the stakes. Which is great.

No doubt about it, there is good infrastructure and coaching placed in the West with most teams - Nebraska, Iowa, Purdue, Northwestern, Wisconsin...and PJ is working on Minny, and not certain (and somewhat confused) by Illinois.

I'm not sold on Ferentz and more so not on Christ (and Alvarez) as change agents - which is what will be required to keep up.

But, end of day, I agree that a high tide raises all boats and puts us all in a better position to succeed in a given year in the B1G Championship and beyond.

The West teams are built similarly but differently, if that makes sense.

We're at a natural disadvantage, recruiting wise. I read a stat that if you drew a 100 mile circle around Happy Valley that you would see a population of 75 million. Can anyone in the West claim that? Nope. So we have to work smarter and harder.

It's not like we have to like one another - but, we do need to come together through competition on and off the field in order to move things forward and tamp down the perception (and reality) of the East being the be all end all of the B1G. And, we have to win our share of the big games.

Just my opinion.

There are a lot of players around Happy Valley, but there are also a lot of programs in those areas and beyond who compete for those players. Ask Rutgers fans how easy it is to keep top New Jersey kids in New Jersey. Recruiting is nationwide for most schools these days, and there is no reason West schools can't do it as well as most, especially since the change in official visit rooms and signing periods.


Aug 14, 2011
Pelini never lost less than 9 games...Just an observation..;)
Valid point. Iowa shouldn't either. But the athletic department has had consecutive terrible ADs whose main talent was lowering expectations. And Hawkeye sites crush dissent giving the impression that most fans are cool with lowered expectations.

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