How many spots are actually still open for 2022?


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Jan 30, 2021
Going over the numbers it seems like we have fewer spots open than most realize.

QB: No seniors. Yes Adrian could try to go pro but that doesn't mean it's a for sure thing.

RB: There's no upperclassman and we already have our 2022 commit. So there's no more room here.

TE: We actually have too many bodies now and already have our 2022, and 2023 commit. This unit is full.

WR: We will have 7 guys back with 2 commits already coming in. So that makes it 9. And some of our TE's can easily split out on passing routes. So there is no need for another WR.

OL: Nobody graduates and there are 14 bodies. That explains the slow-moving nature of OL recruiting for the 2022 class. Wouldn't shock me if they just take one.

DL: 1 person graduates and that means 13 guys returning. Thus, we may only take 1 at DL. For sure no more than 2.

ILB: 9 bodies return and we already have ILB commits. We don't have room for any more.

OLB: We have 1 graduate. Thus, 8 bodies back and already have a 2022 commit. Do we take another OLB? Not sure we do.

CB: CTB will go pro even though he could technically return. That gives us 7. I don't see us taking more than one CB.

S: Two guys graduate, giving us 4 bodies back.

Thus, when you really dig into the numbers, the 2022 class is mostly done already. There simply isn't room for much more.


1 OL
1 or 2 DL
2 DB

I know the number of 15 has been used by people but I just don't see it happening.

Any attrition that happens go with the portal during the off-season or use it for the 2023 class so we can take a bigger class.


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Feb 2, 2005
They have 14 right now. Waiting on word from the NCAA on if they will get more (Covid Sr’s).


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Jan 14, 2011
I don’t think we get over 17. Even with attrition
I've been saying for months that I wasn't sure that there was much urgency at any spot other than QB. I'm hoping we wait to fill some spots until after we hopefully get off to a good start this fall. Man IF there was some way we could pull off an upset of OU, things could really break out for us on the recruiting front. Sigh.