Has trev been calling rhule?


Nov 25, 2021
If Rhule's resumé isn't good enough for you, then MJ shouldn't even be in the conversation. Turning around Temple and Baylor is way more impressive than beating bad Indiana and Rutgers teams. I don't think you realize how bad of a situation he inherited at Baylor.

Now, if MJ goes on to win the majority of the rest of our games, he deserves some consideration....but I think it's far more likely we lose all of the remaining games on our schedule.
Every single great coach at one point had zero HC experience. Every single one. And sure you can say maybe they weren’t all ready for a big job off the bat. But some definitely would have been and some actually started off in the big time. Dabo and Bo are two that come to mind.

Matter of fact Dabo went 4-3 as interim and his wins were against a crappy ass Duke, Virginia, and somewhat ok BC & South Carolina. If Mickey goes 5-4 and takes us bowling, how would that be any different?

And if this was another occupation, comparing someone with only interim experience might get looked at over someone fired from their last occupancy for poor performance. So there’s that

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