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Jan 24, 2004
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Note. Don’t recruit from famous families. (McCaffrey, Cryshawn Johnson, warner, Craig James kid) . They gonna protect like a mama bear the minute something wrong and then you under the bus nationwide as they use their influence
Look how long Puffy Combs and Snoop Doggs sons lasted at UCLA. Lol


Apr 18, 2004
This is why a lot of players are okay with not playing but being on the team.

I had a friend that made it as a walk-on, when he was done he said he hated almost all of it after his second year but just stuck with it to say he was on the team and use it later on in life. I have no problem with that at all.
Me neither. If anyone asks you about your playing time, you just tell them you mostly ran with the special teams. That will suffice

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May 15, 2018
He's not wrong. Luke has been getting bad advice and shown poor decision making. His football career is hanging by a thread. Dude thought he'd stroll onto Louisville campus and be named the starter on day 1? Seriously lacking in critical thinking skills. He'll have regrets.
Agree, Frost usually puts his foot in his mouth and has to eat crow, but in this instance he's right. The family, mainly daddy, have been bullshitting and giving Luke maybe the other brother as well, BAD ADVICE

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May 19, 2018
Luke McCaffrey aside, how many of the kids in the portal were “processed” by a coach, told you’re never gonna be any more than fourth string here you might want to find somewhere else to play. Half? As fans we applaud this move to process, because it’s a player we don’t want on the team. However when a player leaves on their own they are getting bad information. Why are there, on average, 10 kids per division one team in the portal?

Do you believe Frost told Luke to leave, or are building an ugly straw man?

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Jun 10, 2004
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In the past 8-10 years I would agree but I still think the Jury is out on Frost as it relates to four stars. Defensively Chins will have 6 of his top twenty players as four stars but we have also recruited a lot less defensive four stars and he has had a couple of lower level players way out perform star rankings (CTB and Reimers) impacting four stars getting on field at those positions. I would definitely like to see that percentage of recruited/playing four stars go up on defense assuming that staff peforms and keeps there job.

Offensively is where things get interesting for 2021. Assuming no injuries, I believe 18 players will get meaningfull snaps of which 17 where rated recruits with Toure being a Graduate Transfer. If you exclude Toure (who would easily be a four star if they rated transfers) 9 of Nebraska top 17 offensive players are four stars with three elite prospects of 5.9 or better (would have been a fourth with Fidone). On offense this is above that 50% threshold noted on chart for teams that can win a natty and would have been 60% if Fidone was not injured and you count Toure who many think may have been drafted late had he declared. The on paper recruited talent that will play when game are on line in 2021 is vastly better than anything Frost has had or anything we have seen an Nebraska in more than ten years. I will take it a step further and say rivals rated talent NU that will play in 2021 on offense is better than any team in the West has had in the last ten years.

To make a point about the stunning increase in production I expect at WR I will make a prediction. In 2020 Warner and Faulk started the season as our 1's at WR and had 162 yards receiving over 8 games. I would almost guarantee you that between Manning and Toure there are multiple games where one of those guys has 162+. There was in 2018 and Manning and Toure are on a whole different level athletically than Morgan and Spielmman.

I fully accept that Frost might suck despite what he did at Oregon and UCF based on some of the poor play and that all these players may be no good. But, anyone who isn't a little big excited by the guys we will see playing in 2021 on offense also sucks, in my humble opinion.
Best, most optimistic post I've read here in years. Love it, hope it, want it. GBR!!

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Aug 18, 2016
Do you believe Frost told Luke to leave, or are building an ugly straw man?
No, I think there was talk of him playing other positions besides QB, so he left. But I don’t think Frost asked him to transfer.

What I am saying is that there have been transfers for decades, many of those who transferred were processed out by the coaches. Some left to transfer to lower level football, some just left and never played again. What didn’t exist before is an updated list of these transfers. This list is discussed and dissected on message boards and written about by writers. The only reason coaches are worried about it is because people know how many are leaving their programs, and how many players are on the list. I Just think it is a bit disingenuous for these coaches to act like they do when a player chooses to leave when the coaches helped to add to this list by telling kids they should look for another place to play. As fans we have no issue getting rid of the non contributors on the roster but when a player decides to leave on their own, well then they are getting bad advice.


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May 29, 2003
Louisville was either some really bad advice or a really bad decision by Luke.