Football thread


Oct 25, 2009
What do they hope to accomplish with this thud period? If its evaluation when the lights are on how can they be sure the info they are getting is accurate without live action? I understand they are trying to keep injuries to vets at a minimum. But if they are worried about that why not just have the vets play a couple series or non at all? Why not use the vast majority of the spring game to evaluate younger players who havent seen much live action yet? I just dont understand what anyone stands to gain from going out there and half a$$ hitting people.

I'm worried if you practice as half speed you play at half speed. And if the defense can't tackle then the o line is playing just to take up space so it's not doing them any good either. Thought I saw a play in the 2nd half where a d back looked unsure if he was suppose to tackle or just touch.

Reminds me of a story about OU I read once. A d back let a receiver be wide open. The coach chews him out asking why he let the guy be so open. The play replayed that in practice he always lines up on the side with the press box and this time the receiver went to the other side. 😩 You play the way you practice.
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